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Expectations for Students and Families

The Rowland Virtual Learning Academy is a partnership between students, families and teachers. The parents' role is vital in supporting their students' education. Parents must help create an environment conducive to learning that is free from distractions and includes resources and materials necessary to complete assignments and projects. Students may need additional academic and technical assistance, which will vary by grade level.
As learning partners, parents must ensure that their student:
  • Attends school everyday and is on time.
  • Engages in learning and is on task.
  • Attends all synchronous sessions, class meetings, and mentor meetings, as appropriate to their grade levels and schedule.
  • Completes and turns in all assignments in a timely manner.
  • Participates in all assessments and demonstrates academic growth.
  • Develop a daily/weekly routine that will keep their student on track, including using time management skills and tools to effectively keep up with the expectations for learning and mastery of the content.
  • Monitor progress via report cards, Aeries, and digital learning platforms (i.e. Seesaw, Google Classroom, etc.) to adjust tourtines and practices and/or seek help as necessary.
  • Attend virtual meetings and conferences as requests by the teachers and/or administrators.