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Registration for the Rowland Virtual Learning Academy is now open!
If you are interested in having your child who will be entering grades TK - 6 for the 2023-2024 school year participate in an exceptional Rowland Virtual Learning Academy program, you will need to complete a 2023-2024 Intradistrict Transfer Application: 
The Intradistrict Transfer is for resident students of the Rowland Unified School District requesting to attend a school within the Rowland Unified School District other than their assigned school of residence.  
The 2023-2024 Intradistrict Transfer Application is available at all school sites, and the Rowland Unified School District -Student Services Department, 1830 S. Nogales Street, Rowland Heights, CA 91748. 
The Intradistrict Transfer Application requires the signature of the Principal/Designee of your assigned school of residence.  Please contact the office staff of your assigned school of residence for more information regarding the enrollment and application process. 
We are confident that whether you select in-person learning or attend the Rowland Virtual Learning Academy, your child will receive a quality education and learning experience in the Rowland Unified School District.   For more information regarding the Rowland Virtual Learning Academy Program, please contact Yesenia Michaels at (626) 935-8122 or contact Student Services Department at (626) 935-8281.